Accessories for your scooter
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  • Prima Rear Storage Rack with Back Rest

    Ride on your Genuine Buddy comfortably with this Prima Rear Storage Rack/Backrest
  • Greek Decals

    Want to represent your Panhellenic Sorority or IFC Fraternity everywhere you go? Get these super awesome letters for your scooter!
  • Prima Heavy Duty Large Weather Cover SCMAXI

    Be sure to protect your investment from the hot sun and the wet weather by investing into a weather cover. A weather cover won’t only keep your scooter looking nice...
  • PJ1 Fog Blocker

    PJ1 Fog Blocker prevents fog from forming on goggles, face shields, glasses, mirrors, etc. Tested under extreme fogging conditions from high-temperature, high-humidity environments, to sub-zero, humid conditions.
  • Original Bike Spirits Polish

    Cleans road grime, grease & bugs without water, polishes paint & chrome, repels water, anti-static properties and reduces dust buildup.
    From $4.95
  • Original Bike Spirits Leather & Vinyl Care

    Cleans, protects and makes leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces look great. Quickly removes dirt, dust, grease and grime and leaves a protective finish. A special UV protectant additive also protects surfaces...
  • Motorex Wheel Cleaner

    Removes all types of road dirt, in particular brake dust, from all alloy and steel wheels.
  • Motorex Plastic Care

    Anti-static formula cleans and protects all plastic parts against the elements  
  • Motorex Helmet Care

    Your helmet takes care of you! Now you have to take care of your helmet. Motorex Helmet Care is a cleaning foam and care for helmet shells and inner padding....
  • Motorex Anti-Rust Spray

    Protect your scooter from the elements! Motorex Anti-Rust Spray has a penetrating agent releases seized metal parts, protects against corrosion and keeps out moisture, removes rust, repels water, and lubricates....
  • Maxima Scooter Pro 2-Cycle Synthetic Oil

    A high performance synthetic blend for both injector and premix use. Special synthetic lubricants and advanced additives provide for outstanding engine performance and protection while maintaining excellent engine cleanliness and...
  • Lucas Semi Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

    Lucas Semi-Syntheticetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil is a smokeless, high detergent, low ash formulation designed specifically for air-cooled and radiator cooled 2-cycle engines. It is considered high performance oil for racing...
  • Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer/Stabilizer

    Most fuels have added ethanol that can cause water build up, fuel system corrosion and ethanol phase separation that robs fuel of octane. This Ethanol Equalizer helps prevent these issues, just add...
    From $4.95
  • HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet

    HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet

    Ride in style with this HCI-10 helmet that comes in a variety of colors and offers DOT certified protection. This helmet has an ABS painted shell, a Plush comfort liner, and...
  • HCI Glitter Cruiser Helmet

    HCI Glitter Cruiser Helmet

    Shine bright like a diamond and stay protected with this HCI Glitter Cruiser helmet LAST ONE!
  • GEN-U-BIN Storage Accessory

    The perfect accessory for holding your drink, sunglasses, gloves, snacks, phone and anything else you might need on the road. Only for Genuine Buddy Scooters
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