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  • Half-Month Scooter Storage

    If you're purchasing for a student, please include their name in the notes portion of the checkout process! Protect your scooter from the weather elements, theft, and running issues by...
  • HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet

    HCI-10 Open Face Cruiser Helmet

    Ride in style with this HCI-10 helmet that comes in a variety of colors and offers DOT certified protection. This helmet has an ABS painted shell, a Plush comfort liner, and...
  • HCI-100 Skull Cap Helmet

    Make safety look cool with this HCI-100 Skull Cap Helmet, available in a variety of colors. DOT certified.
  • HCI-15 Open Face Cruiser Helmet

    This helmet has a ABS painted shell, meets DOT standards, includes clear face shield, and fully ventilated for comfort.
  • HCI-75 Full Face Helmet

    Get the best safety features from this helmet without sacrificing your cool factor. This helmet is DOT standard, light weight, has an ABS shell, fully vented, adjustable top and chin...
  • Liquid Performance Ethanol Equalizer/Stabilizer

    Most fuels have added ethanol that can cause water build up, fuel system corrosion and ethanol phase separation that robs fuel of octane. This Ethanol Equalizer helps prevent these issues, just add...
    From $4.95
  • Maxima Scooter Pro 2-Cycle Synthetic Oil

    A high performance synthetic blend for both injector and premix use. Special synthetic lubricants and advanced additives provide for outstanding engine performance and protection while maintaining excellent engine cleanliness and...
  • Motorex Anti-Rust Spray

    Protect your scooter from the elements! Motorex Anti-Rust Spray has a penetrating agent releases seized metal parts, protects against corrosion and keeps out moisture, removes rust, repels water, and lubricates....
  • Original Bike Spirits Polish

    Cleans road grime, grease & bugs without water, polishes paint & chrome, repels water, anti-static properties and reduces dust buildup.
    From $4.95
  • Pit Posse Adjustable Cargo Net

    Pit Posse Heavy Duty Nylon Cargo Net with Non-Mar Adjustable Plastic Hooks. The adjustable hook position allow the hooks to be relocated to any point on net to accommodate any...
  • Prima Folding Front Rack

    Need some extra storage on your sweet scooter ride? The Prima Front Rack can be your savior. Use bungie cords to strap on a bag or add on a basket,...
    From $74.99
  • Prima Front Milk Crate

    The Prima Front Milk Crate can give your scooter extra storage for small items. Comes as a black, metal mesh container that you can attach to the front rack of...
  • Prima Mirror Set

    Long, stylish mirrors that fit any Genuine Buddy Scooter. Add these babies to your scooter for a sweet style upgrade or to replace worn down mirrors.  8mm thread, left hand...
  • Prima Rear Cowl Protector (Roughhouse)

    Keep your Roughhouse safe against bumps and tip-overs with this Prima Rear Cowl Protector.
  • Prima Rear Cowl Protector Rack with Footrests

    Black cowl protectors with passenger footrests for Genuine Buddy 50, 125, 150, and the newer Genuine Buddy 170i. This cowl protector help against damage from accidental tip-overs. NOTE: You must install...
    From $142.00
  • Prima Rear Storage Rack (Buddy)

    This Rear Storage Rack fits all Genuine Buddy scooters and is perfect for small bags or packages.
    From $74.99
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