Break Bundle: Winter + Thanksgiving Scooter Storage

Dates:  November 18th, 2020 - December 1st, 2020

Please note that with this option your scooter will not be available for pick up between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Scooter brands not sold or serviced by NS4L are not eligible to be stored. 

Protect your scooter from the weather elements, theft, and running issues by storing your scooter indoors at our dealership while you are away for the thanksgiving.

A few years ago we started realizing how many of our amazing customers ran into problems with their scooters simply because they went home for a few weeks for the holidays. What problems you ask?

1. Scooters would sit without use causing batteries to lose their charge and fuel in the tank would go stale. Since most scooters are carbureted, it is not good to have scooters sit. They need to be used. Many students would come back from break to a scooter that would not start simply because it sat a few weeks. #yikes

2. Customers would come back from break to find that their scooters were GONE! Theft happens more frequently when students are away on break. Why? Because there is no one around to see or stop a potential theft from happening! Keep your scooters locked INSIDE a safe and secure building over break.

3. The weather! Keep your scooter out of brutal cold elements, rain, or from taking a beating from the sunshine (because you never know – we do live in Florida) for that matter! Leaving your scooter indoors helps protect your panels on your scooter!

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