"In it to WIN IT!" Raffle


We like to have fun over here at New Scooters 4 Less, so let's give someone a 1 in 20 chance to win a BRAND NEW SCOOTER!  

That's right, for $100.00 you can be entered to win a Scootstar Racestar Scooter.  100% of the sales tax, tag, title, and preparation costs will be covered if you win!!

This month the scooter is a SCOOTSTAR RACESTAR SCOOTER! 
Color?  BUYER'S CHOICE of whatever is available.

Only 20 spots are available and as soon as all 20 spots are filled, we will draw a winner!  

The biggest rule?  If you win, you are 100% responsible for picking up the scooter in Gainesville, FL.  We will not ship the scooter.  This is not a problem for 99.9% of our customers since they are in Gainesville, but we still wanted you to know in case you were an online customer and wanted to enter!

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