Red Planet SubSonic Speaker


Do you know what 60 Hertz sounds like? Not if you’re listening to other pocket speakers. 60Hz is bass. The kind of bass you can’t fake with plastic and gimmicks. It’s the bass you hear AND feel. SubSonic has it.

Along with hands-free calling and crystal clear sound, Subsonic has a mean case of The Basses. So put down the plastic speaker and come over here right now. Hear what your music should sound like. Feel what you’ve been missing. You'll have to go SubSonic.

  • Bluetooth and Easy-pairing = wireless listening
  • Audio port and audio cable = wired listening
  • Built-in mic and advanced noise cancellation = hands-free calling (personal or conference)
  • Dual-cone speaker and built in amp = excellent clarity and bass
  • Alloy casing and 2-button design = strength and control
  • Includes: speaker, audio cable, charging cable and instructions
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